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Why Book a Bubbles Escort?

We are one of the longest established agencies that is based in London as we opened our doors back in 1999. This proves how we are committed to providing an extremely high quality of service, or we would have long disappeared like the many fly by night agencies constantly popping up and vanishing just as quickly. Our record of good working practices include: 1) All the photos on our site are 100% genuine and up to date. This alone separates us from many other agencies. 2) All Escorts that decide they want to join us at Bubbles are invited to choose their own schedules and are completely free to come and go as they please. The only reason they entertain any client is because that is something they have freely decided they want to do, and we believe that this is what makes a Bubbles Escort among the most contented in the industry. This of course has the knock on effect that the clients are among the most satisfied with the service and keep coming back! 3) We are always available on our Land based phone to listen to any query, and our staff are always helpful, polite and keen to assist in any matter in the best way possible.

Can I make any special requests?

Yes you can. You can either speak to our friendly staff or if you feel the subject to be of a personal nature you may speak to the escort directly as all Escorts at Bubbles will call you before they confirm a booking. At this point you can ask the escort whatever you like before you confirm your date.

Is it possible to make a booking with more than one Escort at the same time.

Definitely! To book two escorts or more at the same time is a favourite pastime of many of Bubbles Escorts’ clients. Simply ask our friendly staff to recommend the escorts that are happy to work together and we will arrange it for you.

Is it possible to make advance bookings with an Escort?

Yes. It is possible to make a booking with an escort for anytime in the future. Though we cannot absolutely guarantee your chosen Escort will definitely be working on a particular future date, we can promise you that if your initial choice of escort is unavailable, there will be at least several other Escorts suitable to meet your requirements.

Are the photographs of the Escorts real?

Absolutely! This alone is what sets us apart from most other escort agencies in London and we are proud of it. Every Escort at Bubbles has been through a face to face interview with us, and most of them have chosen to be photographed with our own, in-house escort photographer. These escorts are obviously guaranteed to have photos showing a recent and true likeness. Any Escorts that decide to give us their own pictures will have them checked over by our staff to ensure they show a true likeness of the Escort in question.

Is it possible to book a date with one Escort if there are two of us?

It is certainly possible. Just speak to our friendly staff and let them know what you want and we will do our best to make it happen. Unfortunately Bubbles does not accept any bookings that require any Escorts to have a date with more than two people at the same time

Do you have an address where I can visit the escorts in London?

Bubbles Escorts does not have premises in London you can visit. We operate an outcall service which means the Escort visits you, either at your home, hotel or any other venue you wish

Do Escorts at Bubbles accept credit cards?

Currently Bubbles Escorts does not. Though we are soon making it possible through our website, we are still several weeks away from making it happen.

Is it possible to pay the Escorts at Bubbles using a foreign currency?

Yes it is. Bubbles Escorts will accept any major foreign currency. As with most client requests, as long as you speak with our friendly office staff beforehand to let us know what you wish to do, we will be happy to accommodate your wishes.

Do I have to go ahead with the booking once I have spoken to the Escort?

Absolutely not. There is never any obligation to carry on with a booking and you are never under any obligation. Simply let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

If I cancel my booking, will I be charged?

No is the simple answer. Although if the Escort is well on her way to you and has been travelling for some time, then we think it’s only fair that you contribute towards her travel expenses and nothing more.

What will the escort expect from me?

All escorts at Bubbles will only continue with any date if they feel safe and happy to do so, which means you would be expected to be clean, polite and well behaved. This being the case you will have an extremely satisfying and memorable time together. If you are rude or unhygienic, or try to get them to do something against their will they will leave immediately.

What can I expect from a Bubbles Escort?

You can expect all escorts from Bubbles to arrive with full make up, well dressed and willing and happy to accommodate all your reasonable desires. All escorts at Bubbles will call you before they confirm a booking so if there is anything in particular you wish to request, you should mention it on the phone before confirming the booking.


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