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Bubbles Escorts operates an Outcall service only.

The fee which you donate is always agreed with you before we confirm the booking with you. The fee does include the escorts' travelling expenses.

£ 120 for the first hour
£ 100 for any additional hours
£ 60 for additional 30 minutes
£ 750 overnight rate for 8 hours... (e.g. 10pm to 6am). The full amount must be paid at the start of the booking
£ 180 to visit a couple for the 1st hour, then £160 for any additional hours

Our agency are very happy to accept payment types by any major foreign currency; all we ask from you is to inform our office staff what currency you would like to use before the booking will be confirmed.

On occasion we do get bookings which are very far from our current offices and a very long way outside London. We at Bubbles Escorts are always happy to assist and visit you wherever you may be in the city, but in these circumstances we may add a one-off charge to help cover the expense of hiring a driver. In most circumstances this will not apply, but if it does it is likely to be £10 but can be up to £20. We will always make you aware if it this applies to you before any booking is confirmed, and remember, it is a ‘one-off’ charge for the 1st hour only.

We will never charge you for a cancellation fee unless the escort is already travelling to you, in which case all we ask is the costs she has from travel expenses to be covered.


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